Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia

NEW Model on Disaster Preparedness

The study investigated the survivors’ learning experience from the tsunami in Aceh 2004. It examined the learning experience of the survivors based on six areas, namely their capabilities, their limitations of handling the disaster, the challenges faced in terms of leadership, how resources were effective mobilized, public awareness and education, and community self-reliance. The SWOT analysis was conducted to recognize the unique learning experiences. Eventually, a model on disaster preparedness was proposed. The paper aims to highlight the new model on disaster preparedness. Seven key informants were identified for the study. Additionally, a total of 103 respondents took part in the interviews and 450 participated in the survey. It was also found that preparedness is most significant to reduce loss and damage in any disaster. The study suggested the framework for developing and building up preparedness programs and activities. Disaster cannot be prevented but preparedness is found to be the key of the most possible strategies.

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