¹Sport Science Department
Randolph College
Lynchburg, Virginia

²Sport & Exercise Studies
Tarleton State University
Stephenville, Texas

A Response to the Banishment of PE Courses from the Higher Education General Core Curriculum: The Renovation of a Higher Education Physical Educational Activity Programs

Physical activity is a primary focus, essential aspect, and significant contributing factor of a healthy human lifespan; however, Among the top 25 ranked research institution, only nine university required physical education in the core curriculum (36%). Of the top 25 liberal arts institutes, 17 (68%) include physical education within the core, but the general requirements were appallingly and limited to simply passing a swim test and/or enrolling in one or two physical education courses. Nevertheless, there limited incorporation of physical education, which illuminates an issue of ignorance towards the benefits of physical education and physical activity in higher education. The purpose of this paper is to describe the reimagination of activity courses taught at one midsized state university in Texas. The following agenda and goals were set: a complete overhaul of the activity program with the purpose of increasing enrollment and fitness levels of students at said university.

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