Communication Design Department
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania


The designer of 2015 is solving COMMUNICATION problems.
The designer of 2025 will be solving BUSINESS problems and SOCIAL problems.
The world of advertising has moved beyond a “hard sell” of products, services and organizations. “Storytelling” was once the way a brand, nonprofit organization, or candidate set itself apart from competitors. Top advertising agencies would craft elaborate stories that would make consumers fall in love, get angry, laugh themselves to tears, or break their hearts, all in the name of a brand. It worked. It was effective. But consumers are no longer passive audiences – they want to be part of the narrative. What a brand DOES is more important to consumers than self-serving messages.
This shift requires design educators to evolve from teaching brand communication (static ads or moving – in both senses – images), to teaching creative problem-solving and business-building.

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