California State University Northridge

Title I
Predicting Social and Physical Quality of Life among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Older Women

Synopsis I
In the present study, we examined older women’s social/relational quality of life and physical health in relation to social support as well as cultural status. Key social support and cultural status variables showed significant associations with both physical health and social quality of life outcomes. Hispanic women’s cultural status was more likely to be associated with physical health outcomes, whereas non-Hispanic women’s cultural status was more likely to be associated with social quality of life outcomes

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Title II
Social Quality of Life is a Significant Predictor of Mental Health among Multiethnic Older Women

Synopsis II
The purpose of the present study was to test the role of age, education, ethnicity, ethnic identity, and social quality of life on mental health in older age. Age was a significant predictor, with more advanced age predicting better, not worse mental health (in contrast with prior literature findings), but it failed to remain fully significant once social quality of life was added to the clinical picture.

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