The University of the West Indies

Title I
Primary School Teachers’ Mathematics Anxiety, Mathematics Teacher Efficacy, and
Mathematics Avoidance: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago

Synopsis I
Research about mathematics anxiety, mathematics teacher efficacy and mathematics avoidance among teachers in Trinidad and Tobago is limited. This study explored if these constructs varied by teacher age, gender, mathematic attainment, and years of teaching experience, among a representative sample of primary teachers in Trinidad and Tobago to determine they.

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Title II
Exploring Teacher Efficacy of In-Service Secondary School Teachers in Trinidad and Tobago

Synopsis II
Teacher efficacy is not widely researched in Trinidad and Tobago. This study explored teacher efficacy for classroom management, instructional strategies, and student engagement among in-service secondary school teachers in Trinidad and Tobago. Analyses examined differences in teacher efficacy by gender, age, teaching experience, curriculum concentration, and school type.

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