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Social Media Use in Space: How NASA Astronauts’ Twitter Feeds Compare to Other Science Communicators on Earth

This Study looks at the activity of the Twitter feeds of three astronauts Chris Hadfield, KeranNyberg, and Mike Hopkins. These feeds were quantitatively examined, then were compared to two professional science communicators Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson Twitter feeds to draw conclusions on the effectiveness of the astronauts’ Twitter use.

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Title II
The Tell Tale Telling: An Analysis Of The Film The Challenger Disaster To The Official Findings And Personal Account Of Commission Member Dr. Feynman

Synopsis II
A qualitative comparison of the book What do You Care What Other People Think (Feynman and Leighton 1988) and the film The Challenger Disaster (Discovery Science Channel 2013). Using the cultivation analysis theory to understand the differences in the two narratives andtheir possible effects on viewer’s opinions.

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