Morgan State University, University of Maryland-College Park

Title 1
Engaging Engineering Students in Systems Engineering Implementation in Software
Defined Radio Technology Development

Synopsis 1
There is an increasing demand for systems engineers in this country, especially in aerospace industry and defense industry. This presentation will discuss our experience in engaging engineering students in serving the systems engineer role in software defined radio (SDR) technology development project at Morgan State University.

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Title 2
Effectiveness of In-Service Reliability in Aircrafts

Synopsis 2
The in-service reliability measures the unforeseen service interruptions due to technical failures and associated required maintenance. The types of interruptions can be described as below:

– Delay at takeoffs, departing later than scheduled time
– Mishandled baggage
– Flight cancellations
– Aircraft has to land at different airport than the scheduled ones (air diversions)
– Aircraft returns to departure airport (turn backs)

The improvements through in-service reliability in these aspects may not ensure 100% reliability, but they are still crucial steps to be taken for high-quality service.

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