Department of Drama
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A Golden Age: The Case for Co-directing in the Theatre” A Conversation with Dwayne Brenna and Carol Greyeyes

Directing in the theatre can be a lonely business. Actors and designers are accustomed to working with a single director on a single script and, in the usual circumstance, directors can be collaborative or autocratic but the buck stops at the director’s doorstep. Instances of successful collaborations between two directors in the theatre are rare. In this paper, Carol Greyeyes and Dwayne Brenna explore the advantages and challenges of co-directing in a university theatre. Together they co-directed a production of Louis Nowra’s wonderful play The Golden Age at the University of Saskatchewan in autumn 2016. This paper is a conversation between the two, as they give their personal responses to the process and what they learned while co-directing in a university theatre.

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